Why Vote for the SAU 90 Teachers Contract?

  • The teachers’ contract agreement is a fiscally responsible four-year agreement that creates cost certainty for district schools to predict and plan future budgets in addition to deflecting rising health care costs.  That’s why the district budget committee voted unanimously in favor of the agreement.
  • Over the past six years of contract negotiations, SAU 90 teachers worked with Hampton taxpayers to make the building project a reality for students. Let’s work with SAU 90 teachers to restore their cost of living raises to the local consumer price index.
  • SAU 90 Teachers agreed to contribute 3% more toward the cost of health insurance plans to save the district tens of thousands of dollars.  Teachers are doing their part to help Hampton taxpayers address the rising cost of health care.
  • The contract rewards teachers for their accomplishments and assures more success for students and teachers in SAU 90.  Hampton schools have outperformed the NH average by 18-28% in Reading & Math and Hampton Teachers were nominated for the NH Teacher of the Year each of the last 3 years.  They have earned recognition for their achievements and they have earned a new contract.
  • The contract agreement benefits students by attracting and retaining quality educators.  Students succeed when dedicated teachers create opportunities for learning and growth in the classroom and extracurricular activities including clubs and sports.  Retaining our quality SAU 90 teachers who have a proven track record of success is paramount. In addition, we need to be able to compete in recruiting younger, innovative teachers that will create the next generation of instruction in our district.  Since 2006, the percentage of college students looking to major in education has decreased by half so recruiting new talent is more important than ever.
  • A 1.75% average COLA (cost of living adjustment) over the 4 year contract agreement is consistent with the local Consumer Price Index. This helps teachers’ compensation keep up with rising costs in the Seacoast and begin to compete with neighboring school districts.
  • Great communities have great schools. Property values and quality of living in the seacoast community are some of the highest in the state because families and businesses move here for our excellent schools. Let’s continue to make our community the best it can be by making sure the teaching talent stays in SAU 90 and Hampton students can achieve even more. 
  • If the contract doesn’t pass: 
  1. Health Care costs will continue to rise and the district won’t get the 3% “give back” from teachers.
  2. SAU 90 teacher salaries will continue to fall even further behind other districts who will benefit at our expense by hiring our excellent teachers and talented new recruits.
  3. Teachers will lose step raises again that will not be recovered in later contracts. The loss of steps will continue to cause permanent financial harm while teachers remain in the district.
  4. No reward or recognition of teachers’ success in being consistently nominated for NH Teacher of the Year or for students’ success in performing 18-28% better than the state average in Reading and Math.
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